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Bren the Fox.jpg

I am a South Wales based Illustrator and muralist, 

living in Swansea after graduating in 2011 from 

Swansea Metropolitan University. I studied Illustration 

and have since worked on a number of projects with 

a wide range of clients including, but not limited too; 

National Museum of Wales, LOCWS Art International, 

Volcano Theatre, Swansea Student Union 

and the Gower Heritage Centre. 


Currently I work in collaboration with Fresh Creative, 

a mural and community workshop company providing 

contemporary murals for clients and facilitating 

workshops for young persons, schools and colleges. 


My personal work is deeply ingrained in the practice 

of contemporary illustration; favouring linework, form 

and function and often working with a limited palette 

or in monochrome. Most projects originate from a pencil

 or ink drawing, through a digital process,

and into the finished artwork.


Current projects have led to expanding drawings into

multiple formats with the intention of producing illustrations

for design, Fiction/Non-Fiction children's books and graphic art. 

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